Visitors to our hunting farm will enjoy their stay in the NaZarechye hunting estate.

The Hotel and Hunting Lodge are in a complex situated on the picturesque shore of the Vazuza Reservoir. The estate contains an outdoor tennis court, a stable, an outdoor riding arena, a summer dining pavilion, a winter ice rink, a floating banya and a banya black-way.

The Hunting Lodge  has four guest rooms with individual interior design and private bathrooms; they have a shared balcony with an amazing view, and there is also a library. There is a spacious dining area with a round table for 12 people and a fireplace room with a piano and karaoke facilities. The cinema hall has a large film collection and is equipped with an interactive shooting gallery. The house offers Internet access and a Wi-Fi zone. The house’s green terrace has an outdoor dining area with sofas.

The Hotel has four separate comfortable rooms with double beds, with a shared hall and two guest bathrooms with shower cabins. There is a cosy dining area and a spacious lounge. The changing room contains a safe for storing weapons and cupboards for hunting gear.

The Hotel has a sauna and a billiard room;
the Internet and a Wi–Fi zone are also available.

Comfortable stay in the Nazarechye hunting estate

If the hunt goes into the distant parts of the farm, hunters have the unique opportunity to spend the night in Zaimka, a log hut with a Russian stove, and relax away from the bustle of the city while reading books and listening to old records. After the hunt, you can warm up in a banya or spend the evening by the fire.

Go to the section on prices to find out how much it costs to stay here, or call us on: +7 (910) 76-77-535.