The following types of fishing are practiced on the Yauzsky reservoir, depending on the season.

Зимняя рыбалка
«Fishing from the ice»
December – March

In winter, bream and roach can be caught on winter rods equipped with a float or a nod.

Pike perch, pike, perch, burbot (very rarely) are caught on toads, winter baits and ratlinas.

April – May
Fishing is prohibited due to spawning prohibition.
«Spawning fish»

Летняя рыбалка
«Season of open water»
June – November

Bream, roach, bleak, rudd, tench caught both from the shore and from the boat to the float rod, donku, feeder.

Pike perch, pike, perch, catfish (very rarely) are caught from a boat for such types of spinning fishing as jig and trolling (path).

In the summer of pike perch, you can catch on the circles.