Catch rules

Fishing Basics
  1. Fish catch should be carried out in full compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation:
    • Federal Law «On Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources» № 166-ФЗ, including all changes that have entered into force (including January 1, 2019);
    • Orders of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation;
    • Other regulations related to the Volga-Caspian fisheries basin.
  2. Spinning and float fishing rods, feeders, toes and circles, bottom fishing rods are allowed.
    • Restriction: no more than 5 pieces per person at a time.
    • Other gear is allowed if the number of hooks on them does not exceed 10 pieces.
  3. Prohibited gear:
    • Nets and any traps (with the exception of crayfish);
    • Airguns. Exception are guns for spearfishing;
    • On rivers where salmon live, passive fishing gear cannot be used (fishing pans, etc.);
    • Various self-contained devices with hooks;
    • Scoops or hoists are allowed to use, but their size should not exceed 1 square meter, and the mesh should be less than 1 centimeter;
    • Traps;
    • Ostrog and any other similar tools.
  4. It is forbidden to fish during spawning! Fine — up to 300 000 rubles.
  5. Exported fish from the place of catch shall not exceed double the daily allowance in the amount per fisher.
  6. When fishing is carried out, it is prohibited to produce (catch), receive, process, reload, transport, store and unload aquatic bioresources that are fresh in length (in cm) less than indicated in the table:
The name of the fish Fishing Size, cm









Freshwater catfish








Other regulations and catch rules

  1. The daily catch rate per fisher is 5 kg. An exception is the capture of a fish specimen weighing more than five kilograms.
  2. It is forbidden to catch (catch) fish:
    • way of bugging, killing, rutting (including using saber and boating);
    • seething with a total number of hooks more than 10 pieces on the tools of catch (catch) from one fisher;
    • «For illumination» — using lighting fixtures and lanterns of various designs from the surface and in the water column at night (astronomical, from sunset to sunrise) to extract (catch) aquatic biological resources, except for underwater hunting and fishing using fishing rods (including bottom fishing rods) and spinning gear of all systems and names, as well as raskolovok;
    • on the track — using a rowing vessel or a boat using more than two baits per vessel or boat;
    • on trolling — using a sail and / or a motor using more than two baits per vessel or craft;
    • cups and hawks with a total number of hooks of more than 10 pieces on the tools of catch (catch) from one fisher;
    • with the help of the device of races, fences, pins, dams and other types of barriers, partially or fully blocking the channel of water bodies and water courses and preventing the free movement of fish;
    • gill technique (using «zhmykolovok», «combines») with the number of hooks more than 2 pieces.
  3. For live bait (bait) it is allowed to use lifts (spiders) and scoops no more than one piece per fisher, size (length, width, height) no more than 100 centimeters, and size (step) mesh no more than 10 millimeters.
  4. The number of fish used as live bait for fishing on toads or other gear using such bait is limited. The number of live bait up to 30 per fisher per day.
  5. Underwater hunting is allowed only with the use of special pistols and guns for underwater hunting, but without the use of scuba gears and other self-contained breathing apparatus, and only outside places of mass and organized recreation of citizens. It is forbidden to use special pistols and shotguns for spearfishing from the shore, roaming, from the craft.
  6. When setting a ban or closing for fishing, an attempt at amateur fishing will entail administrative or criminal liability. If restrictions are imposed, state and municipal authorities may issue special permits, including within the quota.