Black grouse

A common bird of the pheasant family. Males look significantly larger than females — their average length is 49–58 cm and they weigh 1.0–1.4 kg, while the females are 40–45 cm long and weigh 0.7–1.0 kg. A cock is easily spotted by its shiny black plumage with a violet or green tint on the head, neck, crop and lower back, as well as bright red brows. Primary remiges are dark brown with so-called «mirrors» — white spots in the lower part of the first-fifth feather. The mirrors are even more noticeable on the secondary remiges, where they cover most of the wing. The tail quills are black with a violet hue on top; side quills are bent to the sides, which gives the tail the shape of a lyre. Hens are brightly colored, red-brown with gray, dark yellow and brown-black crossing stripes. It looks like a wood-grouse hen, however it has white «mirrors» on the wings and a small hollow on the tail.

Hunting in lekking ground

  • Individual stop-and-stalk hunting on lekking ground;
  • the hunt is held over 1-2 days.
April 15 – April 25

Stalk hunting

  • Individual stop-and-stalk hunting;
  • the hunt is held over 1 day.
September – December