Brown hare

A mammal from the Leporidae family, Lepus genus. It is a large species of hare: its body is 57–68 cm long; it weighs 4–6 kg, rarely up to 7 kg. The largest species can be found in the North and North-East of the habitats. It has a thin body. The brown hare differs in appearance from the white hare in that it has longer ears (9.4–14 cm), a longer wedge-shaped tail (7.2–14 cm) of black or brown-black color on the top. Its eyes are reddish-brown. Its hind legs are longer than those of the white hare, but its paws are shorter and narrower (foot length is 13.6–18.5 cm), as the brown hare inhabits areas where the snow cover is relatively shallow and hard.

Hunting with dogs

  • Individual hunting with dogs, the hunt is held over 2 to 5 days, with preparation for the hunt upon prior request.
  • Applications for participating in a hunt must be submitted at least one week in advance.
  • Hunters are allowed to take their dogs.
September 15 – February 28