European elk

Elks are the largest species of the deer family. The shoulder height is 150–190 cm and the body length of bulls is 250–270 cm. They weigh 300–500 kg. Cows are smaller than bulls.

Hunting for males and yearlings, it is forbidden to shoot females.

Elk call hunting

  • Individual hunting during the rutting period;
  • the hunt is held over 2 to 5 days.

Drive hunting

  • Group hunting for at least 8 hunters;
  • the hunt is held over 1 day, it is possible to organize up to three extra drivings during the day with hunting for prey in every driving.
October 15 – January 15

Stalk hunting

  • Individual hunting;
  • the hunt is held over 1 day.
October 15 – January 15