White hare

A mammal from the Leporidae family, Lepus genus. A common animal from Northern Eurasia. Large species: the body length of fully grown animals is 44–65 cm, sometimes reaching 74 cm; it weighs 1.6–4.5 kg. Seasonal dimorphism is present in the color of the species: the color of the white hare in winter is pure white, with the exception of black ear tips; in summer the coat in various habitats ranges from red-gray to slate-gray with a brownish ripple effect. The head is usually of a darker color than the back; the sides are lighter. The abdomen is white. Hares do not turn white in winter in areas where there is no steady snow covering. Females are usually slightly heavier than males and do not differ in color.

Hunting with dogs

  • Individual hunting with dogs, the hunt is held over 2 to 5 days, with preparation for the hunt upon prior request.
  • Applications for participating in a hunt must be submitted at least one week in advance.
  • Hunters are allowed to take their dogs.
September 15 – February 28