Wood grouse

The largest bird of the Phasianidae family. The male reaches 110 cm and more, its wing span is 1.4 m and it weighs 4.1–6.5 kg. Hens are a third smaller and weigh 2 kg on average. The back is black with brown and gray spots. The crop is black with green metal shine, the breast is green-metal color, the lower part is covered with black and white spots. The wings are brown. The tail is black with white spots. The naked skin above the eye is bright red, the beak is white-pink. The hen is smaller and colored quite brightly with a mixture of rusty-yellow, rusty-red, brown-black and white color (in the shape of vertical dark and rusty-ocher stripes). The throat, the wing curve and the upper part of breast are rusty-red.

Hunting in lekking ground

  • Individual stop-and-stalk hunting on lekking ground;
  • the hunt is held over 1-2 days.
April 15 – April 25